Other options for admission control.



Show your softer side with Custom Woven wristbands!

Roll tickets

Roll tickets

Personalize your roll tickets!

Now be the only holder of personalized tickets at your event and avoid frauds! For your office parties or corporate events, for admission or the bar, be sure to be unique with your custom tickets, not available to general public!


Animal ID

Animal ID

Easily identify and classify animals with Animal ID Bands from Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC). Our animal ID bands and collars provide simple and secure identification. Write directly on the ID bands with our special waterproof marker or select Ident-A-Band or Safeguard style ID bands which come with convenient insert cards to accommodate handwritten or typed information.

The perfect ID solution for veterinarians, animal shelters, breeders, kennels, and other animal care providers.

  • Write animal's name, sex, age, breed, owner's name and medical record number, on the identification band or on the card to be inserted.
  • Indicate special dietary or medication needs
  • Flag health conditions or diseases with special colour ID bands
  • Color code males and females with different coloured bands

5 reasons

5 reasons

1. Stop Party Crashers & Protect Your Revenue

Party crashers are a burden and liability to your profitability and security. Identify authorized guests with customized wristbands specific to each event and each type of attendee (VIPs, performers, general, etc.).

2. Help Prevent Counterfeits

Your security staff will have the upper hand spotting any fakes when you work with Admitec  to design a one-of-a-kind wristband. Admitec's numerous customization options increase the security of your wristband/ticketing program. A few options include foil printing, serial numbering, and UV (invisible) ink printing

3. Boost Your Brand & Build Customer Loyalty

Custom wristbands become “mini billboards” worn personally by your target audience. People often keep their wristbands as a souvenir or for bragging rights. With your logo and website on the band, you may find guests sharing their great experience on Facebook or Twitter.

4. Generate Revenue

Partnering with corporate sponsors and printing their logos on your wristbands can pay for the entire cost of the wristbands and even generate surplus revenue.

5. Custom Bar Coding & Variable Data for Tracking & Cashless POS

Custom printed wristbands with bar codes and/or variable data printing act like “wrist tickets” but with the benefit of being non-transferable. PDC offers bar coding options on several wristbands that can be tied to your data system for efficient operations, data tracking, and analysis.

Stretch Wristbands 1"

Stretch Wristbands 1