Tytan Wave 1" tyvek wristbands

Product model : TYW

A fun and unique wave!

  • A wristband that stands out for its funny shape.
  • Has the same great reliability and all the qualities that the others tyvek wristbands.
  • Is equally durable despite its different design.
  • Huge inventory ready to ship.


Available in the following colors:

  • Blue color Tytan Wave 1 Blue wave, 1
  • Yellow color Tytan Wave 1 Yellow wave, 1
  • Red color Tytan Wave 1 Red wave, 1
  • Day glow orange color Tytan Wave 1 Dayglow orange wave, 1
  • Day glow pink color Tytan Wave 1 Dayglow pink wave, 1
  • Lime color Tytan Wave 1 Lime wave , 1

* the colors on the screen may vary from actual product

Color Quantity Price per box
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