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Wristbands for events, identification, admission, and more

Identification wristbands are a key factor in ensuring the success of any type of event. Admitec offers a complete range of solid, efficient and superior quality identification wristbands, bringing security and accessibility to all. Whether you’re organizing a show, a festival, a convention or other, tracking and identifying participants and clients just got easier thanks to our fully customizable wristbands.

Admitec offers many types of wristbands, including:

  • Tyvek Event Wristbands
  • Tyvek wristbands are made from a paper-like material that look and feel like paper, but is far more resistant while also being waterproof. These polyvalent and cheap wristbands are ideal for almost any type of event or activity and are also entirely customizable!

  • Vinyl Wristbands
  • Vinyl wristbands for events are an excellent way to control entries during a festival, amusement center and many other type of activities. Thanks to its many layers of vinyl, these bracelets are very resistant, waterproof and very comfortable on the skin!

  • Barcode Wristbands
  • With the help of a wristband with a barcode or QR code, you will have a much better operational efficiency. Whether it is to manage the entries at an event or an activity or to use directly on-site, the barcodes bracelets can be used in almost any scenario and made from any material.

  • Plastic Wristbands
  • Plastic identification wristbands have the advantage to be very polyvalent, mainly because you can customize them in any way you like, with the printing and colors, design and even for the type of activity you will be using them in. Their great resistance to tears and water makes it an ideal choice for any event.

  • Other Event Wristbands
  • We also provide animal ID solutions (animal bands), printing services of roll tickets or other tickets (such as coat check and free drink coupons, etc.) as well as silicone wristbands and woven wristbands, the latest in wristband fashion!

Customizable identification wristbands

Admitec offers identification wristbands customization services to prevent counterfeits and enhance security while boosting your brand image and increasing your visibility. With custom wristbands that reflect your colours and those of your event, you’ll discourage troublemakers from making copies. You can also get wristbands equipped with the RFID and QR Codes technology, designed to create an interactive experience on social media and generate maximum visibility.

RFID Wristbands with radio frequency technology

Technology can now make events and activities a lot more interactive and intelligents thanks to the bracelets that now have an integrated RFID chip which will bring you to a whole new level. A radio frequency system can now be inside bracelets and you will be able to interact with the environment you created. It will secure an event a lot better than a traditonnal bracelet while being a lot less intrusive since it will be able to control automatically entrances and exits. For organizers that desire that their activities interact with the bracelet-wearers, it will allow them to detect their position precisely, triggering your system automatically. For example, a simple lighting color change depending on people's positionning or an escape game that will use it to trigger automatically an alarm system when participants reach a certain point. Of course, it is a huge adavantage to be able to track where are the areas with the most traffic, time spent on site on average and a lot more statistics that can be used to measure performance and improve for the future.

  • Have an intelligent activity thanks to RFID bracelets

  • At Admitec, we work hard to offer premium quality identification and admission wristbands to our clients. Contact us today for more information on our products!