Identification wristbands

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Wristbands for events, identification, admission, and more

Identification wristbands are a key factor in ensuring the success of any type of event. Admitec offers a complete range of solid, efficient and superior quality identification wristbands, bringing security and accessibility to all. Whether you’re organizing a show, a festival, a convention or other, tracking and identifying participants and clients just got easier thanks to our fully customizable wristbands.

Admitec offers many types of wristbands, including:

We also provide animal ID solutions (animal bands), printing services of roll tickets or other tickets (such as coat check and free drink coupons, etc.) as well as woven wristbands, the latest in wristband fashion!

Customizable identification wristbands

Admitec offers identification wristbands customization services to prevent counterfeits and enhance security while boosting your brand image and increasing your visibility. With custom wristbands that reflect your colours and those of your event, you’ll discourage troublemakers from making copies. You can also get wristbands equipped with the RFID and QR Codes technology, designed to create an interactive experience on social media and generate maximum visibility.

At Admitec, we work hard to offer premium quality identification and admission wristbands to our clients. Contact us today for more information on our products!