Tyvek TicketBand BarCode wristbands

Product model : TTX

TicketBand BarCode non-transferable wristbands are "wrist-tickets" that provide the convenience of admission tickets but without the worry that customers will transfer them illegally.

  • Don't lose you entrance passes anymore, they are at your wrist.
  • They offer various opportunities of barcode and/or date.
  • They are completely customizable and allow to print your ticketing information (such as logo, name and dates of the event, and details of the location as the section, the row, the seat number, etc..).
  • The barcode wristbands are pre-printed, bar codes are intended for use with your barcode software system.

For more information or to order call Customer service at 1-800-267-6757.

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Available in the following colors:

  • Ticketband white 1
  • Ticketband blue 1
  • Ticketband yellow 1
  • Ticketband red 1
  • Ticketband orange 1
  • Ticketband Kelly green 1

  • Ticketband lavender 1
  • Ticketband goldenrod 1
  • Ticketband cranberry 1
  • Ticketband grey 1
  • Ticketband day glow orange 1
  • Ticketband aqua 1

  • Ticketband day glow pink 1
  • Ticketband purple 1
  • Ticketband gold 1
  • Ticketband teal 1
  • Ticketband lime 1
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* the colors on the screen may vary from actual product